Why are so many Russians relocating to Cyprus?

We understand the characteristics of life in metropolitan areas, overflowing Moscow, busy Kiev, rainy St. Petersburg among other shortcomings, especially those Russians working who do not require the presence of the metropolis for 365 days of the year, perhaps consider moving to a more tranquil and supportive environment with all your family.

Why are so many Russians relocating to Cyprus?

As an ideal, in our opinion, the solutions we suggest you look into Cyprus as a destination for residency, peaceful work and a place where your children can grow up being happy.

Cyprus is located in one of the most favorable places in Europe, both geographically and climatically.

Geographically, Cyprus is close to Africa and Asia out of all European countries, provides sound transport by plane and ferry. Climatically, Cyprus allows you to enjoy Sunshine approximately 360 days in the year; the average temperature in the winter does not fall below 10 degrees, while a one-hour drive away from the city, in the mountains of Troodos, you can find a small ski resort with natural snow. Thanks to the island status, you can enjoy the sea for around 8 months of the year, the swimming season in Cyprus starts in May and ends in early November most years.

Reserving all the advantages of being Europe, including the use of the euro, with 90% of the population being fluent in English, Cyprus has many advantages, not least, the cost of living. Moving to Cyprus can be implemented in many different ways, you can familiarise with all the possibilities.

What is the cost of living in Cyprus?

This is one of the main issues of concern for most would be emigrants, as well as those wishing to transfer their management team to Cyprus as proof of business outside Russia.

One of the most popular ways remains moving through the creation of companies and employment in their own company. This path allows you to obtain a residence permit for family members (spouse and minor dependents).

The first step for moving is of course obtaining permit visas, work permits, and so on. To do this, you need to pay a State fee (a two-year visa €260), tests (about €250-300), obtain health insurance (1 year: €200) and as well create a bank guarantee (for 10 years: no more than €100).

Here are a few examples. One of the most interesting and balanced cities for living in Cyprus is Limassol. Rent a small one-room apartment in Cyprus is worth about €300 per month. A two bedroom apartment can be rented for €400-500 per month. For approximately €800 a month you can rent a large house even with a swimming pool.


Due to the current de-offshorisation policy conditions in Russia, more and more companies are thinking about ways to reshape their current business structure or to open new correspondence to modern legal approaches available in Cyprus.

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