The Global Legal Entity Identity Foundation has developed a system where every ‘legal entity’ is requested to register and acquire a unique identification number – a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) - before it can trade on financial markets. It seems that Trusts were not carefully taken into consideration, though.

A Shareholders Agreement is essentially a legally binding contract established and agreed between the founding Shareholders of a company. It can arise in a number of circumstances, but typically they are used to manage issues appropriately and rules regarding the transferal of shares in a Private Limited Company, or in a joint start-up to regulate the relationship between the founding members.

Which type of legal entity is right for my business?

In the following article, we will summarise and weigh up the differences between a limited company and a limited liability partnership to provide increased clarity between the two structures.

5 Reasons why MiFID II provides Enhanced Investor Protection

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive I (MiFID I) was introduced in all European Union (EU) Member States in 2007. Its objective was to create a single financial services market in the EU by promoting the market’s integration, competitiveness and efficiency.