Cyprus is the perfect location for incorporating an offshore or private company due to its simple incorporation procedures and agreeable tax structure. Below are the steps to company formation, the registration procedure, and all documentation required for incorporation:

The Global Legal Entity Identity Foundation has developed a system where every ‘legal entity’ is requested to register and acquire a unique identification number – a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) - before it can trade on financial markets. It seems that Trusts were not carefully taken into consideration, though.

A Shareholders Agreement is essentially a legally binding contract established and agreed between the founding Shareholders of a company. It can arise in a number of circumstances, but typically they are used to manage issues appropriately and rules regarding the transferal of shares in a Private Limited Company, or in a joint start-up to regulate the relationship between the founding members.

Which type of legal entity is right for my business?

In the following article, we will summarise and weigh up the differences between a limited company and a limited liability partnership to provide increased clarity between the two structures.

6 most popular offshore jurisdictions & how to choose where to incorporate

This article considers the 6 most popular jurisdictions for the purpose forming a company & how to chose where to incorporate a new business venture.

Popular types of companies that can be registered in Cyprus

Cyprus companies are taxed at a rate of 12.5%, which is one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU. No withholding taxes are imposed on shares paid to shareholders. Cyprus has a transparent and successful tax system, making it a popular destination to register a business with 15,000-35,000 incorporation's every year.

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Why I chose Cyprus to form my company

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