Cyprus is the perfect location for incorporating an offshore or private company due to its simple incorporation procedures and agreeable tax structure. Below are the steps to company formation, the registration procedure, and all documentation required for incorporation:

Applying for a work permit in Cyprus

Any third country nationals in Cyprus may apply for a work permit through the company who is employing them. In order to apply for a work permit, the company must be eligible to apply for employing third country nationals.

Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus boasts a strategic geographical location at the hub of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. The population of the Republic of Cyprus currently stands at approximately 850,000 with the majority residing in the four main cities: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos.

Business migration: the current trend of international entrepreneurs

The new trend For the last few years’ now there has been a move away from the traditional use of virtual offices towards the much more favorable idea of Business Migration. Migration can be defined as “something or someone moving from one place to another generally in order to receive some kind of…

How have recent events influenced relations between Russia & Cyprus?

Cypriot–Russian relations refers to the bilateral foreign relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the Russian Federation. The USSR established good relations with the newly independent Republic of Cyprus on August 18th 1960. Cooperation between both countries has improved since the 1990s and the fall of the USSR. In today’s current climate, how are the sanctions in Russia influencing both economies relationship?

How to find the best offshore banks for your business

It’s commonly accepted by the general population and most financial experts that putting your business revenue in a domestic bank is a safe and responsible thing to do. After all, if anything were to go wrong, your deposits are insured by the local government.

How to: Get Your Yellow Slip in Cyprus

Applying for a residence permit (also known as the yellow slip) is a process which is to be completed by every EU citizen living and working in Cyprus. It is renowned for being lengthy and fastidious, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be! And once you have managed to obtain it, the permit does not expire and is valid indefinitely.

An easy guide to the Cyprus tax system and its regulations

This week on our web-series Amotle is exploring the many benefits of the tax system and regulations in the jurisdiction of Cyprus!

Opening a bank account in Cyprus simplified

This week Amotle has returned to Cyprus! In this episode he is explaining about opening a bank account in this jurisdiction and may even throw in a fact about Cyprus too. There are various benefits of choosing Cyprus as a destination to open an account, watch to find out more.

Popular types of companies that can be registered in Cyprus

Cyprus companies are taxed at a rate of 12.5%, which is one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU. No withholding taxes are imposed on shares paid to shareholders. Cyprus has a transparent and successful tax system, making it a popular destination to register a business with 15,000-35,000 incorporation's every year.