Greek Courthouse rule against Swiss Francs

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According to a ruling by the Greek government, the terms of loan repayments in Swiss Francs, are supposedly “abusive and invalid” making the borrower pay monthly instalments according to the Euro – Swiss Franc parity on the specific day.
Decisions like this are obligating Greek banks to calculate the monthly instalments as well as the rest of the money owed to the bank by the borrower according to the Euro – Swiss Franc parity that was valid on the day of the loans acceptance. This is how the damage to the borrowers caused by the change of the parity is being restored.

In this case, the borrowers are two University Professors. As the court heard, the case was successful, only because his clients were University Professors. Their Lawyer wants to state that the terms of these loans, are not clear and even clients that are Professors at a University, were misled and confused with them. And the lawyer says that if his clients were confused with the terms, more people will be, and the Bank would be taking advantage of the majority.