Germany: Interior Minister Rebuffs Union's 6 % Wage Demand

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Horst Seehofer, German Interior Minister, recently stated that he would push for “reasonable results” in the next round of pay talks with more than 2 million public sector workers, however he dismissed the Verdi union’s demand for a 6% increase.

Following this, wage talks are due to resume after 150,000 public sector employees staged warning walkouts and strikes recently which left thousands of people stranded at airports, and hit hospitals, childcare centres and waste depots.

The federal government’s top negotiator, Seehofer, reinforced the importance of the public sector workers and stated that it was extremely clear that they should benefit from the country’s economic growth.

Frank Bsirske, leader of Verdi, said that he is expecting a breakthrough in the 3rd round of talks which take place in Potsdam, near Berlin. Bsirske also went on to say that public sector workers should benefit from growing German tax revenues.

Moreover, the federal government and municipalities have rebuffed the union’s demands, but the head of the VKA association of local employer organisations last week stated that he was expecting an agreement to come out of the next round of talks.