German Minister Slams Trump Trade Rows

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Germany’s economy minister, Peter Altmaier, criticized US President Trump, slamming his global trade rows and efforts to command Europe’s dealings with Iran through continued US sanctions.

Altmaier recenty stated in an interview his concerns regarding damaging repercussions of fully fledged US-China trade war. Altmaier also went on to express his worries regarding about Trump’s decision to slam down substantial metals tariffs on Turkey in an escalating diplomatic row.

In addition, Trump has already initiated disciplinary tariffs on Chinese imports worth USD $34 billion and additional levies on USD $16 billion in Chinese goods which will kick in later in August.

Following this, Trump also announced that he plans to double tariffs on aluminium and steel from Turkey, which pushes the Lira to historic lows against the US dollar.

The bubbling trade conflict comes as the 2 NATO allies continue to be at loggerheads over the detention of an American pastor and multiple other issues.