FBI Investigates Trump Plans to Construct Hotel in Latvia

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According to sources, the US authorities have investigated even before the 2016 election campaign into Trump property deals in the former Soviet Union.

Back in 2010, a very wealthy Russian supporter of Vladimir Putin and a small group of businessmen started working on plans to build a luxurious hotel with an entertainment complex with Donald Trump in the capital of Latvia, Riga.

In addition, Trump and his daughter, Ivanka spent a long time with Igor Krutoy. Following this, the Latvian government’s anti-corruption bureau began asking questions. Talks with Trump’s business were abandoned after Krutoy and another of the businessmen were questioned by the authorities in Latvia as part of a major criminal inquiry there – and that the FBI later looked into Trump’s interactions with them at Latvia’s request according to sources.

The parties involved deny that the inquiry was to blame for the deal’s collapse.

Moreover, Latvia asked the US for assistance in 2014 and then eventually received a response from the FBI in 2015. Following this, Latvian investigators also assessed secret recordings in which Trump was mentioned by a suspect.