Employer Branding: Why Do Companies Need It?

Employer Branding: Why Do Companies Need It?

Eltoma Corporate Services offers you free participation in a webinar "Employer Branding: Why do companies need it?" that will be held on 05.03.2018 at 12 pm (London), 2 pm (Cyprus).

Our experts hold regular free webinars to share their knowledge and expertise. Join to learn more about employer branding.

By participating in this webinar, you will learn:  

  • Definition of the term brand and HR brand;
  • The purpose of HR Branding for various organisations;
  •  Components of the HR Brand: 
  1.  Work Environment;
  2. Compensation and benefits;
  3.  Achieving appropriate work – life balance;
  4. Company culture and environment.

Eltoma training webinars will be interesting and useful to those who: 

  • Top Managers;
  • Employer branding specialists;
  • HR managers;
  • Representatives of recruiting agencies;
  • Business owners;
  • «Startup» projects managers.

During the webinar, you will be able to ask the presenter questions in the chat box.

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