Trusts: Fundamental Principles and Conceptual Background. Developments and Practical Aspects in Trust Legislation.

The webinar will be of special interest and use to:

  • Managers, Lawyers, Economists and experts dealing with tax planning.
  • Business owners and Managers of companies that are interested in international business.
  • Legal, consulting and auditing companies.
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in «startup» projects.

By downloading this webinar, you will learn:

  • Trust definition and types of trusts.
  • Fundamental principles of trusts.
  • Organisational structure and main elements of trusts.
  • Methods of trust creation and validity of trust upon creation.
  • Trust Instruments and main sections.
  • Trusts of original and additional property.
  • Trustee administrative powers and duties.
  • -Liability of a trustee and the rights to exoneration.
  • Assets Protection Trusts (APT).
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