Opening and Maintaining a Bank Account in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cyprus

Eltoma Corporate Services invites you to a free webinar "Opening and maintaining a bank account in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cyprus".

We specialise in assisting international business companies (registration, maintenance and liquidation of companies, and opening bank accounts in various jurisdictions), international tax planning, visas and work permits. We have offices in Singapore, Cyprus and St. Petersburg, as well as representatives in Moscow and Kiev.

We host regular free webinars on topics related to the incorporation and maintenance of companies, banking and tax systems in various jurisdictions. Our presenters are qualified and certified specialists, who have extensive experience and are willing to share their knowledge with you. All information you receive during the webinar is based on the practical long-term experience of our company.

The webinar will be of special interest and use to:

- Business Managers, Lawyers, Economists and experts dealing with tax planning.
- Managers and owners of companies that are interested in international business.
- Legal, consulting and auditing companies.
- Entrepreneurs who are interested in «startup» projects.

By participating in our webinar, you will learn:

- What the necessary documents for opening a bank account are
- What due diligence is & what are KYC procedures?
- Is company activity important for opening a bank account?
- What are the special aspects of opening bank accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cyprus?
- What challenges companies face when opening a bank account?
- What the rights of a Nominee Director when managing a bank account are, and what the risks associated with using nominee services for bank account purposes are.
- How to maintain a bank account.
- Why do banks close companies' accounts?

During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions in the chat box. Please leave a request at the end of the webinar if you wish to receive the presentation slides to your email address.


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