International Trust: what you need to know about trusts

  1. Definition of Trust
  2. Historical development of Trusts
  3. Setting Up a Trust
  4. Key Players in Trust arrangement
    1. Role of Settler
    2. Role of Trustee
    3. Role of Protector
  5. Beneficiaries
  6. Distributions from Trust property
  7. Choice of Trust jurisdiction
  8. Choice of type f Trust
  9. Confidentiality and Compulsory disclosure of Information
  10. Variation and Termination of Trust

International Trust: Administration of Trust

  1. Preparation of trust accounts
  2. Managing underlying company
  3. Trustee investments
    1. Shares and securities
    2. Real estate
    3. Movable chattels
  4. Distributions from Trust property
  5. Confidentiality and Compulsory disclosure of information

Trust Instrument: Understanding of Trust Instrument

  1. Purpose of Trust Instrument
  2. Main parts of Trust Instrument
    1. Dispositive provisions
    2. Administrative provisions
    3. Indemnification and exoneration of Trustee
    4. Trustee remuneration provision
    5. Retirement, appointment and removal of Trustee
    6. Proper Law, Forum and Administration
    7. Power of Protector


Types of Trusts in International Trusts Jurisdictions

  1. Discretionary Trust
  2. Life interest Trust
  3. Assets Protection Trust
  4. Purpose Trusts


International Trust: Settlor Directed Trust

  1. How Settlor can control Trust
  2. Common Law Principles on Settlor controlled Trusts
  3. Offshore Reserved Power Legislation
  4. Challenges with administration of a Settlor Controlled Trust
  5. Trustee’s risk mitigation


International Trust: Variation and Termination of Trust

  1. Settlor revocation power
  2. Power of Trust variation
  3. Variation and termination of Trust by Trustee
  4. Termination of Trust by Beneficiaries
  5. Variation of Trust by Court