We are pleased to announce that we are holding our seminars on topics related to the incorporation and maintenance of companies, banking and tax systems in different jurisdictions.

The seminars will be of special interest and use to Business Owners, Lawyers, Economists and experts dealing with corporate law and migration legislation, managers and business owners of international companies, as well as to entrepreneurs & individuals wanting to expand their businesses, study or relocate to foreign countries.

Above all the seminars are intended to provide participants with assistance in solving not only legal, taxation and administration issues, but also practical cases related to international company management and tax planning.   

By participating in the seminars, you will be able to put into practice gained knowledge and solutions on taxation and legal issues developed for your business by Eltoma Corporate Services.

The seminars allow you to:

  • Gain knowledge and experience of international specialists on the following issues:
  • Companies registration and liquidation procedures, opening bank accounts, immigration and tax regimes in Singapore, Cyprus and UK.
  • Practical solutions for foreign companies’ pressed by de-offshorisation measures.
  • Controlled Foreign Companies law and latest amendments.
  • Peculiarities of trusts and their potential.
  • Assets security strategies.
  • Shareholders’ agreement preparation procedures and its value.


  • CPD certificate.
  • Learning materials with practical solutions.
  • New business connections.
  • Personal expert advice.

Gallery of previous seminars: 

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Previous feedback:

Eltoma Corporate Services and KPMG would like to thank all the participating members of the seminars held in June, 2015. It was a great success this year and we hope that everyone enjoyed the event. We received the following responses from members as listed below. We appreciate all feedback and bear it in mind for any upcoming events. hello

Mihail Smirnov

“Thank you for everything!

I found the topics that were presented to be really relevant and were covered in full; the presenters did their job to an extremely high standard. Regarding the presentation and content, it would be great for the presenters to provide more real life situations and examples of benefits which were helpful to them in such circumstances.”

Natalia Leonenko     

“Thank you very much for the seminars!

They were very interesting, informative and professional. You did a great job. Thanks again!”

Natalia Leonenko 


Business Development Manager.