Eltoma Corporate Services was established in 2004 and has experience in developing and delivering seminars for professionals with emphasis on company formation and maintenance, taxation and banking in a number of jurisdictions. We have now decided to expand our service base to also providing webinars.

Our seminars deliver exceptional understanding and knowledge due to their pragmatic nature regarding the versatility of activities in various jurisdictions; starting with the formation of a company to identifying any potential problems and implementing changes to resolve them. Our experts will be discussing company management according to the Corporate Laws of each specific country, how to open and maintain bank accounts according to these jurisdictions, and most importantly how to maximise the benefits of running an overseas company in your country of choice. Many registered members of professional organisations are required to complete continuing professional development (CPD) throughout their careers. Eltoma Corporate Services believes in CPD and we would like to provide the option to our participants a CDP Seminar/Webinar Certificate for attending our seminars and webinars.

Seminars and webinars are essential for professionals and companies to remain effective in their role. Professionals are relied upon by their clients to stay up-to-date to changes in jurisdiction compliance and regulations in which they work. The seminars and webinars will be valuable and relevant to lawyers, tax professionals, accountants and businessmen, using companies in various jurisdictions for international structuring.

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