European politics wish to revive the dialogue with Russia on arms control

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The Leaders of 14 European countries anchored by Germany wish to revive the arms control dialogue with Russia.

What everyone is concerned about is a growing tension and opposition that can reduce to an unprovoked local military flare-up.

Europe has long lived in stability and safety, especially when the USSR dissolved and NATO assumed control internationally. Now the situation is changing considerably with Russia emerging as an active player globally. This explains why politicians want to maintain the post-USSR status quo at whatever cost.

However, to withstand the growing military power of Russia, European countries have to promote budget investments to military defense, which is impossible for now. To make matters worse, the US claimed to have no means to finance NATO.

Russia was suspended from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe back in 2007 and responded to NATO’s activity near the Kaliningrad boarder with the deployment of a brand-new missile defense system that can carry nuclear weapons and in case of military confrontation would be almost impossible to fight back.