European Parliament to provide temporary employees with “golden visas”

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The European Parliament is said to be ready to pass legislation on the protection of temporary employees, to debate Europe’s future with Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and also, seek greater transparency from member states in their schemes granting the alleged “golden visas”.

Moreover, it is expected to rejuvenate a European directive on working conditions and equal pay of seconded employees in other member states and to assure fair competition between companies.

Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s PM, will discuss with the MEPs the future of Europe as part of a continuing debate with all the member states heads of state. In addition, the leaders of Ireland, Portugal, France, Croatia and Belgium have already appeared before the plenary while Holland and Poland will follow in the next two months.

A debate is said to have taken place on the need for greater transparency and more oversight on member states programmes granting a visa or nationality in exchange for investments.