EU Urges Turkey to Commit to Good Neighbourly Relations

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The European Commission encouraged Turkey to commit itself undoubtedly to have good neighbourly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes while the EU’s top official said the country if moving away from the path of European Union membership as Brussels delivered its harshest criticism yet of Turkey’s shift towards authoritarianism.

The Commission encouraged Turkey to avoid any type of action or threat against a member state, or source of friction or actions which damage good neighbourly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

Moreover, the report comes after recent violations of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone by Turkish navy vessels that intercepted ENI’s Saipem 12000 drillship in February 2017. This was while it was en route to a site in offshore block 3 where it was set to drill an exploratory gas well.

Following this, the report concerns Ankara’s expressed support for the Cyprus talks on a settlement and for the efforts of the UN Secretary-General and his Special Adviser.