EU: Turkey Wants EU to Remove Barriers to Membership Talks

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Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, said that he will pursue the removal of any obstacles to a stalled membership bid at a recent summit with the EU. However, the bloc believes the obstacles are of Turkey’s own actions.

In addition, European Union governments criticism of what many see as Erdogan’s developing authoritarianism in Turkey and his intervention into the war in Syria has created an uncomfortable setting to the gathering in Varna. Following this, some countries had requested an end to long-stalled accession talks and had hesitated to agree to meet with him.

Moreover, Erdogan stated that it was time for the EU to “keep its promises” to Turkey, which originally started its formal membership negotiations in 2005 that stalled five years which have now effectively collapsed.

Erdogan is said to have told reporters that becoming an EU member continues to be their core objective before leaving for the summit.