EU: Finance Ministers Discuss Whether to Tax Airbnb

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EU finance ministers are currently developing a joint project from Germany and France on potentially taxing home-sharing platforms, like Airbnb.

The proposal is said to be discussed in the meeting in Tallinn, Estonia on Saturday the 16th of September. Airbnb is a leading competitor within the sharing economy and so, Brussels is now advising on what is the most appropriate way to deal with the digital platform.

The sharing economy is a socio-economic ecosystem that allows consumers to share resources such as Airbnb and Uber, both of which are increasingly popular.

A great number of viral platforms, including Airbnb, that operate in the EU havea foundation in Ireland therefore the firms benefit from the low levels of corporation tax. The French office of the platform administers marketing services and abides by all of the tax regulations. According to a spokesperson from Airbnb, the French economy rose by EUR €6.5 billion in 2016 alone, thanks to the digital platform’s exclusive business model.