Erdogan Opens the World's Largest Airport in Istanbul

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On October 29th, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened a new international airport in Istanbul which, according to him will become the largest in the world.

“The new airport will be the pride of our country and will set an example for the whole world,” – Erdogan said at the opening ceremony with the participation of several heads of state. The president also commented on the idea of naming the airport “Istanbul”: “This is not only our largest city but also the most valuable trademark of our country”.

President Erdogan has championed the project of the airport building in order to make Istanbul a global tourist hub connecting Europe, Asia and Africa and the state air carrier into an aviation giant.

The official opening is planned to be held on December 29th; however the full airport construction will be finished only in 2028. At the moment, the airport is able to serve up to 90 million passengers a year however at the time of completion, the tourist traffic will increase to 200 million.