Eden City Project: A Blessing or a Curse for the Local Community in Paphos?

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The Eden City Project is a new project set to be built in Geroskipou in Paphos; which is ambitiously set to include an artificial island, a university, its own autonomous medical centre, five-star hotels and a marina. The project seems to be moving forward after the Cyprus government’s decision to give the go ahead to the necessary licenses; which is expected to be completed within a 15 year period.

Although the investor and the team behind the investor state that the project will welcome more than 10,000 new job opportunities and will also supposedly add more than €750 million to state revenue, the local community as well as the environmentalists are opposed to the project.

The heavy construction needed to pursue such a venture will destroy the environment and the surrounding areas, the coastline and beaches, with locals saying they found the design to be tacky. As suggested, Paphos is a tourist attraction not only for its multi-level buildings but for other more important reasons.