Do you prioritise your work-life balance?

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Employees in Singapore ranked their top priority as good work-life balance according to a recent Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017 Survey. On the other hand, employers had their first priority as being financially healthy and good work-life balance was 8th on their list.

The reality is that most employees and job applicants usually expect a clear division of time and space between work and non-work. Unfortunately, mobile phones and rapid email notifications have made this idea unattainable.

Moreover, some may see the irony in the fact that the more technologically inclined students and young adults are the same ones who are looking for the old-fashioned punch-card idea of work-life balance.

This also comes in light of the Japan’s largest advertising agency being fined JPY ¥500,000 (GBP £3,385) for demanding that staff work illegally long overtime. Sadly, this correlates with the fact that the work culture can lead to karoshi, which refers to cause of death being from overwork.