Demand Generation Marketing for Small-Medium Businesses: 10 – 100 Clients

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Demand Generation Marketing for Small-Medium Businesses: 10 – 100 Clients

Demand Generation marketing efforts refer to the various marketing approaches companies of different sizes and stages of commerce need in order to drive attention and interest in products & services, to acquire clients. Essentially what turns a good idea into a sustainable business.

This article will address companies that have attained their first clients and revenue and are looking to expand to the first 100 customers. Without discussing profit, this size of company is often called a small-medium size business or SME. (Just started out? Read our guide for demand generation marketing for new businesses here).

While the company may have funds to invest in marketing resources, many at this stage have fairly limited resources to invest, so this challenge is to make the most of a limited budget, namely developing a basic model to communicate to your existing clients as well as reaching out to new, potential clients.

Create your initial marketing team

Ensure you are starting to put together a dynamic team, with people not scared to try new channels and take action. By finding those with a passion for exploring different tactics and types of content, the most important thing at this stage of demand generation marketing is to uncover who your clients are and how to reach them.

Implement basic client management systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relations and interactions with existing and potential clients. With a CRM and basic marketing automation and an individual in your team who can effectively use them, you’re setting the scene for scalable implementation as the company develops.

Recognise what techniques works for your product or service

Find that one thing that will help you most effectively obtain clients; whether it be a specific acquisition tactic or channel or a sound sales or business development team, essentially something that will drive an outsized impact. Learn to experiment, so many areas won’t yield a lot of results but the trick here is to repeat a process once something has proven to be successful or have a lot of demand.

Scaling tips to prepare for growth

Prepare to really look for and find the one thing that connects your company with potential customers which in turn will unlock appropriate demand generation. An issue many companies at this stage encounter is being able to understand or identify the issue without being able to find the right channel to deliver the solution.

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