Cyprus: Unite or not unite, what is the question?

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Cyprus: Unite or not unite, what is the question?

Cyprus unification negotiations in Switzerland have failed due to Turkey’s stance on keeping military bases in Cyprus and rights to intervene in the internal affairs of United Cyprus. Turkish troops have been in Cyprus since the Turkish invasion in 1974.

It is easy to understand Turkey’s position as Turkey was financing Northern Cyprus since 1974. Turkey doesn’t want to lose its investments and wants to split some dividends as well.

It is interesting to analyse position of Turkish Cypriots. Clearly, their position lacks independence of Turkey’s influence and all the time they have to wait for a nod from their master, i.e. Turkey. At the same time, Turkish Cypriots are demanding guarantors and want Turkish troops to remain in Cyprus indefinitely.

It is interesting that Turkish Cypriots don’t trust the EU as a guarantor of their rights. Does it mean that Turkish Cypriots are ready to join EU in this case?