Cyprus: Taxpayers Must Register to Submit Annual Returns Online

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Approximately half of the self-employed and income tax payers are still not registered for the TAXISnet system to submit their annual returns online which has been made compulsory as of this year.

According to sources, Natasa Akkidou, Assistant Tax Commissioner, has recently stated that about 150,000 out of an estimated 300,000 active taxpayers have not yet registered with TAXISnet according to sources.

Akkidou went on to say that in March, people will be notified with an email instructing them on how to sign up to TAXISnet and that they should do so as soon as possible after that.

In addition, the income-statement page on the system will be online in April alongside the deadlines for filing, as April is the usual month of filing paper tax returns.

As of today, the e-submissions deadline is normally July but due to the new requirement that everyone must submit their annual returns online, the deadline may be pushed until September.