Cyprus: One of the EU countries that has changed the most

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Eurofound, the EU Agency for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, have released a social mobility report that demonstrates that Cyprus is one of the EU countries that has changed the most in recent years.
This is in regards to the transition from agriculture to manufacturing and the services sector. The diversification from its mostly agrarian economy into a services-based economy is seen through its significant tourism sector and financial sector, with investors particularly from Eastern Europe and Russia.
In addition, this was witnessed within Greece, Poland and Finland who have also overcome this development. The most significant changes were identified to have impacted people belonging to the blue-collar lineage and agricultural origin.
It was realised that Cyprus had declined 25 percentage points in their rural sector over the generations. As of today in Cyprus, merely 1.9% of citizens identify as famers whereas previously, 27% of people were born into an agricultural family.