Cyprus: New system for Traffic Offences

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Currently, a more stringent system for monitoring the enforcement of traffic rules is being developed in Cyprus. According to the draft amendments developed by the Ministry of Justice of Cyprus, the road police will notify the Road Transport Department (RTS) that a particular driver scored more than 12 penalty points. In its turn the RTS notifies the offender of the right to appeal within 5 days to a decision to suspend the driving licence. In the absence of objections from the violator, the validity of the driver’s licence will be automatically suspended for the relevant period.

At the moment, the traffic police and the RTS do not have such powers, since after accumulating 11 points only the court can deprive the offender of the right to drive the vehicle. The regulator also develops a number of other norms that toughen the punishment for reckless or negligent driving, or driving under the influence.