Cyprus: Migrant Flow Expected to Rapidly Increase

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The flow of migration to Cyprus will rapidly increase in the near future according to Eleni Theocharous, member of the European Parliament and of the Group of European Reformers and Conservatives (ECR).

According to sources, the leader of the Solidarity party in Cyprus, CNA Theocharous, has stated that the country is becoming more of a magnet for migrants after the remainder of southern Europe reached a saturation point.

This could lead to a number of economic and other issues which is due to the fact that the immigrants who come to Cyprus cannot leave for other European countries as Cyprus is not in the Schengen free-movement areas of Europe.

Theocharous also states that Cyprus should take full advantage of all the opportunities that the EU has to offer in order to improve health and education. In relation to health, she stated that Cyprus cannot use the cross-border care which has been implemented throughout the EU as there is no National Health System in Cyprus.