Cyprus: Labour Ministry clamps down on undeclared workers

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The Labour Ministry is now hoping to get employers to disclose their undeclared employees.
Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou states that Cyprus currently holds a rate of 15.4% of undeclared work within the labour market, however she believes that this figure is not fully representative of the problem.
The ministry in Cyprus has launched a new legislation and an online ad that compliments the new regulations by utilising the theme of stormtroopers from the Star Wars movie franchise.
The ad warns employers that they will have until the 3rd of September to declare their illegal workers. If employers fail to meet this deadline, they will then be fined EUR €500 per undeclared worker, going back 6 months, therefore bringing the total to possibly EUR €3,500.
Employers are given 5 days to bring evidence that their employees are legal. People who do not comply with the new legislation with then be faced with legal action alongside the fine.