Cyprus is Having Problems with Fresh Water Again

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Both the economy and all sphere of life in Cyprus are closely related to the availability of fresh water in the country, the amount of which is very difficult to ensure since the island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Now, the main source of fresh water is desalination plants. At the moment there are 5 factories in the country that desalinate seawater on an industrial scale.

Last Thursday, one of these companies located in Nicosia failed due to natural reasons – a lot of algae and sand got into the filters but by the lunchtime the problems had been fixed. However, instead of the prescribed volume of water supply needed for the area – 2,000 cubic meters per hour, the Department of Water Supply provided only 1,300 cubic meters per hour.

This shortage of water has affected almost the entire region. A similar problem with the water desiccator happened in Paphos. At the moment, the problem is not solved. Despite the fact that desalination is an incredibly energy-intensive process and also has a negative impact on the environment, as it is accompanied by a large emission of carbon dioxide; this is the only way to ensure a normal life for the citizens of Cyprus.