Cyprus: Group Threatens MPs & Banks Over Foreclosures

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A group stating that they are armed and ready to seek justice by means of violence against MPs and bank executives in relation to property foreclosures, are threatening to take action.

Some MPs are insisting on providing banks with more powers in connection to property foreclosures according to sources. The group was also quoted by the ANT1 TV station to threatening the bankers, MPs and their families according to a recent letter that they sent out.

Following this, the group have apparently threatened quite a few individuals with exposure and have also reiterated that they have connections in all state services and know the bankers’ friends. The group went on to say that any newspapers and channels which ignore the letter would be classed as enemies of the group and so, would suffer the repercussions.

Along with this, the respective letter has since been given to the authorities. It also follows the recent takeover deal by the Hellenic Bank of specific parts of the Co-operative Bank and law amendments by parliament on changes to the insolvency and foreclosure systems.