Cyprus employers register 3,000 illegal workers to avoid fines under new legislation

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With the Cyprus Labour Relations legislation 3 month grace period coming to an end this week, the social Insurance Department have stated that over 3,000 undeclared workers have come forward to register in the last month.

The legislation refers to new requirements for all Cyprus Employers to report their illegal workers by September 3rd 2017. Failing to do so will result in a €500 fine for each illegitimate employee, dating six months back, with the maximum figure to be charged being up to €3,500.

The social Insurance Department are said to be predicting more registrations each day, and are looking to not only impose fines on employers, but to also create partnerships with the Cyprus who have to learn about the implications of having undeclared workers.

The companies with illicit workers are not only being a disservice to the government however also the unregistered employees are not registered to receive adequate benefits from the Cyprus social insurance, such as having access to a pension or maternity leave.