Cyprus: Big Changes Coming For The Way Justice Is Served

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Justice Minister, Ionas Nicolaou, recently announced that there will be considerable changes in the way that justice is served.

According to Nicolaou, the Cypriot government will continue with the reform of the judiciary and will take all of the necessary measures to quicken the pace of justice. Moreover, he has also stated the President Anastasiades portrayed his administration’s determination to carry on with the reform of the justice system and to take all necessary measures and make amendments to speed up the administration of justice.

The changes discussed involved the complete rejuveniation of the function and structure of the courts while new courts will be created. Alongside these changes, the administration is committed to undertaking all measures and changes to speed up the justice process.

It is said that civil justice procedures will be entirely altered and that e-justice and e-court case management will apply. According to sources, these changes are being put into practice as of now. Following this, a plan has already been organised with clear deadlines and the aim is to complete the amendments by 2020.