Cyprus: 70% of Crimes Now Solved

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According to the Cypriot police, nearly 70% of crimes committed in the first half of the year have now been solved.
It is said to be Limassol with the highest level of crimes with 727 crimes in first six months of 2017. 445 of these, 61.21%, have now been cleared according to published figures from the police force.

With regards to petty crime, the police have said that 2,624 of the 2,882 or 93% of the crimes that were filed, are now recognized as cleared.

Petty crimes consist of vicious damage, offences against property and disturbing the peace.

On the 16th of August, two male perpetrators with sawn-off hunting shotgun and a pistol, robbed a co-op bank in Limassol and fled the scene on a motorcycle with over EUR €50,000 in cash. Sadly, this is the third bank robbery in less than a month.

The first incident involved two individuals with similar kind of weapons and getaway motorcycle at the most recent robbery, robbed a bank of EUR €14,980 in the village of Pyrgos. Five days later, two armed perpetrators robbed another co-op bank in Paphos and managed to escape with around EUR €30,000.