Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Anxiety Hotline Opens in Moscow

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A Moscow-based company has launched a hotline to help investors’ anxiety over virtual currency market fluctuations.

In December 2017, bitcoin smashed an all-time high of USD $20,000 but then fell below USD $6,000 this week. Psychologists claim that this is a significant cause for severe stress for miners and investors in cryptocurrencies which could even lead to mass suicides.

The news of the hotline comes after a volatile week in terms of finance as global stock markets fall twice.

Blockchain Fund, a Moscow-based company, which buys and stores cryptocurrency for customers, has now opened a hotline for their clients who are suffering Bitcoin anxiety. Elena Pikhovkina, a psychologist who works on the hotline, has previous experience working with people who have managed to survive financial ruin. For instance, people who lost a lot of money in 2014, when the Euro and Dollar rates against the Ruble jumped significantly.