Crypto-ledgers taking the block out of blockchain

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Like the Bitcoin blockchain, Hashgraph is a distributed ledger which is a decentralised online record of transactions that can be accessed by multiple parties.

According to sources, hashgraph should be a faster and more cost effective alternative to blockchain as soon as it launches a public ledger version. Hashgraph-like technologies such as ByteBall and IOTA, rely on “directed acyclic graphs” to track information.

Hashgraph stores various information in a timed series in order that the record of each transaction is dependent on the ordering of all the previous transactions in the series.

Within blockchain, only one record of a transaction exists. For example, if two miners create blocks simultaneously then the community will chose the transaction to go with and leave the other one.

However, in hashgraph, no transaction is discarded. In addition, there can be many branches which can continue to grow within the transaction records until a consensus is met.