Coca-Cola & Walmart in Favour of Reducing Plastic Waste into the World's Ocean

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Five countries from the G7, namely the UK, Canada, France, Germany and Italy, entered into an agreement with Loblaws, Walmart, Nestle Canada, IKEA, Dow Chemicals, the Coca-Cola Company, BASF Canada and A & W Canada for cooperation on reducing the plastic pollution into the Worlds ocean.

The United States and Japan are the only ones from the ‘Big Seven’ who have not signed the agreement.

According to Canada’s Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, 640,000 tonnes of plastic nets and other garbage are discarded every year into the world’s oceans. World Animal Protection group reports that more than 136,000 marine mammals and birds die each year from such wastes.

The countries together with the companies are going not only to monitor the reduction of the amount of garbage being discharged into the ocean but also to clear out and recycle the plastic wastes that have already been dumped into it.