China: New Russian Jets Flying Over the Pacific

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China has revealed that its new fleet of Russian-built jets have flown over the South China Sea where the U.S. has disputed Beijing’s ample territorial claims and the construction of militarized artificial islands.

Chinese air force recently said that it has currently deployed Sukhoi Su-35s to complete a joint patrol over South China Sea.

Although the release did not include the date, size or location of the patrol, it stated that the aircraft’s involvement in combat exercises will aid the air force’s long operational ability.

China has apparently claimed a considerable portion of the waters which also border Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. According to sources, China has also threatened its rival government in Taiwan with an aircraft carrier and new air routes. In addition, China has been accused by the U.S of constructing artificial islands. These islands are believed to be holding military installations intended to administer Beijing’s maritime policy.