China is not willing to acknowledge world domination of the USA

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China openly expressed discontent with the USA’s attempt to play a role of the world superpower, which is the cause of constant tension between the two countries.

China considers it unacceptable that America is trying to apply double standards to international policies. For example, based on the International Court of Justice resolution, the US has acknowledged the Philippines’ rights for disputed ownership of islands in the South China Sea. Contrary to this ruling, back in 1982, the Nicaraguan government applied to the same court with a similar claim to the US, but the court backed America.

That being said, constant defeats of the US at the international stage cannot go unnoticed. The latest scandal broke out as a result of deteriorating relations with the Philippines, where US military bases have been located since 1945. Quite recently the Philippines’ President announced he would like US militaries to leave the territory with the view that the country’s top priority is the development of good relations with China.