China Introduces Additional Restrictions on the Amount of Waste Delivered

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In the middle of the last month Beijing announced that it was going to impose additional restrictions on the import of solid waste. The event took place less than a year after the establishment of the first limits, which horrified the countries that shipped their garbage to China.

In general, the sanctions are related to computer equipment, ships, auto parts, waste from stainless steel, titanium and wood.

According to scientific developments, since 1992, 72% of all global waste was sent to China and Hong Kong. After the introduction of the first restrictions in 2016, China stopped buying certain types of waste, and as a result, by 2018 plastic exports in China decreased from 7.4 million tons to 1.5 million with paper exports decreasing by almost a quarter over the same period. It is worth noting that the main exporter of these materials, among the number of the new ones, is the United States of America.