Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Scheme Applicants Beware of Deceitful Property Developers

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There are more and more opportunities to buy a property as well as a passport due to developing countries striving to sell citizenships to aid disaster recovery or development.

As numerous developers compete to profit from the global demand for citizenship by investment (CBI), buyers do not do their research and are at risk of being left with overpriced properties and passports that do not benefit their needs.

London-based Passports Global Ltd’s, Robin Chapman, recommends seeking advice from a legally qualified CBI consultant is necessary for understanding and choosing the best citizenship plan for you and your family.

Amongst high net worth individuals, demand for second or alternative citizenships are at a record high as the industry continues to grow. Passports are becoming more and more status symbols for the super rich as they continue to been viewed as an integral part of sound financial planning.