Collecting international debt

Eltoma Corporate Services has been engaged in assisting clients with debt collection services. This is a service offered by Eltoma from our Singapore office. A partnership between Eltoma Singapore and D & B Debt Collections has been agreed in order to assist our clients with any debt collection requirements.

Whilst operating a business, a reasonable profit should be made from the goods and services that are being provided. However, if payments are not made by clients or when money may have been wrongfully taken, this has negative implications for any business. If you or your business has money owed to you or has had money taken from you we can help you with the challenge of recovering the funds.

Eltoma has been helping clients in various cases to try and recover funds that have been taken in Asia by people who had intended to deceive them. Although each case is different and some may be more challenging than others, Eltoma has trained solicitors who will try to succeed in every circumstance.

Eltoma has chosen to collaborate with D & B because of their expertise in collection services. D & B can serve you locally and globally. You’ll enjoy the reach of their global network with the promptness of a local partner with the highest level of service and professionalism. They employ leading edge technology and professional call center facilities in their collection processes, maximising each and every debtor contact.

Only small upfront fees are required to initiate the debt collection process. Eltoma charges a complete service fee based on the success of each case. Every effort will be made through legal collection channels, to recover your debts. A commission will be charged only if the debt is settled.