Brexit: A Result of Democracy or Foreign Interference?

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There are many conspiracy theories about how Brexit was the result of Russia’s interference with the intention of weakening the EU; however all these conspiracy theories were never factually substantiated.

Nevertheless, a £400,000.00 donation from American Billionaire George Soros to an Anti-Brexit campaign group, and a £500,000.00 donation from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan each and £250,000.00 donation from Citigroup and Morgan Stanley each to the “Britain Stronger in Europe Group” is found to be more than enough evidence to prove foreign interference in Brexit; this time from the US.

Although US interference in Brexit can be factually proven, it has not received the same treatment as the unsubstantiated Russian interference with UK Politics; and, turning a blind eye to foreign interference from one country can only be seen as evidence of the double standards applied by those who wish to influence public opinion.