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The Latvian Scenario for Cypriot Banks

I was recently reading The Economist, and in one of the more notable articles, the author gave recommendations to Donald Trump not to abuse the leading position of the US dollar in the world economic arena. Otherwise, victims of this can take countermeasures and start looking for other payment options.…

Crypto-currency boom in Russia

Within last few weeks, we have received many inquiries about setting up a legal structure for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and opening bank accounts for similar structures from Russia. I was trying to understand where it was coming from and what the caused the increase of such increased activities.

How safe is Cyprus?

I am regularly reading news about Cyprus. I can see that there are more and more criminal activities occurring in Cyprus.

Cyprus unification negotiations in Switzerland have failed due to Turkey’s stance on keeping military bases in Cyprus and rights to intervene in the internal affairs of United Cyprus. Turkish troops have been in Cyprus since the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Singapore tax authorities (IRAS) have launched a review of Singapore companies for tax compliance. Under a radar of IRAS first came companies applied for liquidation or strike off which paid no tax at all in Singapore referring to s10(1) of Income Tax Act of Singapore which describes an application of the territorial taxation principle in Singapore.

The anatomy of new USA sanctions on Russia

America currently has enough turbulence from within. Therefore, in order to soften the internal situation, an external “enemy” is required in order to cause a distraction from the deteriorating internal political situation.

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