Abu Dhabi: The Safest City in the World

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Abu Dhabi in the UAE has recently been ranked as the Safest City in the World according to a new study into the crime levels of 334+ countries.

The website Numbeo managed the study by comparing user generated data and accumulating an index of low to high crime rates in leading cities across the globe. The results showed that Abu Dhabi has the lowest crime index at 13.54 and the highest safety index at 86.46.

Abu Dhabi was followed by Basel in Switzerland, Munich in Germany and Singapore. Following this, Switzerland itself had three of their cities in the top 9 safest cities, such as Zurich and Bern. Dubai is also close with a low crime index of 19.52.

Abu Dhabi received a 94% rating of feeling safe in the city. Moreover, according to a recent Ipsos City Index, Abu Dhabi was also classed as the second best city in the world to live in, as well as working and doing business. In addition, The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index ranked the UAE Capital as the safest city in the Middle East back in 2015.